The Problems available in this test set can be categorized as follows:

Instructions to run tests using these problems can be found in: How to perform tests. Please read this disclaimer before using any of these problems. General information about each problem are available following the associated link. You find a brief description of the problems, links to the complete description and to the source code, work precision diagrams and plots of some components of the solutions. Work precision diagrams are plots of the scd (significant correct digits) or mescd (mixed error significant correct digits) values against the number of CPU seconds needed for the run of each applicable solver. More details can be found in the descriptive part of the test set . We want to emphasize that the reader should be careful with using these diagrams for a mutual comparison of the solvers. The diagrams just show the result of runs with the prescribed input on the specified computer. A more sophisticated setting of the input parameters, another computer or compiler, as well as another range of tolerances might change the diagrams considerably.

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