We gratefully acknowledge the users of the IVP Test Set, that in the last years wrote us about some errors and mistakes and suggested us how to improve the Test Set. We gratefully acknowledge Jacek Kierzenka for his help in defining the interface that allow the use of the IVP Test Set problems in the MATLAB environment. We gratefully acknowledge the steering committee for supporting the Test Set, the CWI group that set up the first three releases of the Test Set, and in particular P.J. van der Houwen, and Walter Lioen who helped us during the installation procedure.
Concerning the CWI releases, the mantainers gratefully acknowledge G. Denk, M. Günther, U. Feldmann, E. Messina and B. Simeon, who contributed one or more test problems; and the cooperation with R. van der Hout of the Akzo Nobel company, which led to two test problems. The many discussions with E. Hairer were very useful too. The standard work "Solving Ordinary Differential Equations II, Stiff and Differential-Algebraic Problems" by Hairer & Wanner turned out to be a fruitful source for well documented test problems.

this should be the ODE2NODE logo   The idea to develop this test set was discussed at the workshop ODE to NODE, held in Geiranger, Norway, 19-22 June 1995.