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Instructions to run tests using these problems can be found in: How to perform tests. Please read this disclaimer before using any of these problems. General information about each problem are available following the associated link. You find a brief description of the problems, links to the complete description and to the source code,  plots of some components of the solutions. More details can be found in the descriptive part of the test set.

It is also possible to use

the app:  BVP Test Set: numerical solution

to generate the plots and the textual output of the solution of a chosen problem, or

the app: BVP Test Set: work-precision diagrams

 to generate the work precision diagrams comparing from 2 to 4 solvers.
The computational work is executed on the IT resources made available by the projects:
– ReCaS, financed by the MIUR (Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research) in the "PON Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013 – Azione I – Interventi di rafforzamento strutturale", PONa3_00052, Avviso 254/Ric
– PRISMA, financed by the MIUR in the "PON Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013 – Asse II: “Sostegno all’Innovazione” Obiettivo Operativo: “Azioni Integrate per lo sviluppo sostenibile e per lo sviluppo della società dell’Informazione” – "Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation”, Avviso 84/Ric.
The apps run on a VPS which belongs to the PRISMA Cloud@ReCaS network with the following features: 8GB RAM, 4 VCPU, 50.0GB Disk.

​Regular Non Linear  Problems

Singular Perturbation Problems

  •    Linear Problems

  1. bvpT1
  2. bvpT2
  3. bvpT3
  4. bvpT4
  5. bvpT5
  6. bvpT6
  7. bvpT7
  8. bvpT8
  9. bvpT9
  10. bvpT10
  11. bvpT11
  12. bvpT12
  13. bvpT13
  14. bvpT14
  15. bvpT15
  16. bvpT16
  17. bvpT17
  18. bvpT18
  •    Non linear Problems

  1. bvpT19
  2. bvpT20
  3. bvpT21
  4. bvpT22
  5. bvpT23
  6. bvpT24
  7. bvpT25
  8. bvpT26
  9. bvpT27
  10. bvpT28
  11. bvpT29
  12. bvpT30
  13. bvpT31
  14. bvpT32
  15. bvpT33